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Hinged fly-meshes typically work best inverted against the inward/outward opening direction of the main window.They can be easily integrated with the main window.

Lift-out Meshes are typically used in window situations and provide a low-cost option for insect screening. Please note that these can be offered with magnetic or velcro strip fasteners.The drawback with this option is that it is less easily hidden when not in use.

Pleated Meshes provides a perfect screen solution for double doors, sliding door systems, and other large openings with frequent operation.Pleated flymesh is the perfect solution for large openings combined with heavy wind loads. Its robust engineering combined with an aesthetic design makes it the only cost-effective solution for such applications.

Roll-down fly-mesh have the advantage of being neatly tucked away from view when not needed, however they are only suitable for openable windows.

Suspended sliding fly-meshes- these are suitable for door-type situations and also have the advantage of being neatly tucked away from view when not needed, but its use are limited by site situations e.g. sill width and pocket window availability. Integration with the main window needs to be thought out and designed.

Security and insect screens can be combined in both hinged and sliding suspended sliding flyscreens. Available upon request.
Motorized/Automated Flymeshing solutions are also available upon request.

Flyscreen mesh

Roll-down and lift-out flymeshes use fiberglass mesh which provide high see-through factors > 70%.However, they have poor durability to rodents or scratching by domestic pets and are not recommended in highly windy situations.

In hinged or suspended flymesh options, aluminum or stainless steel is used which has see-through factors > 70% while providing performance durability. The drawback to aluminum and stainless steel flymesh is that they are not 100% flat surface once installed.