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PanelStone Claddings:

PanelStone claddings offer the best aesthetic solutions for the latest trends in interior design and increasingly modern combinations of shapes, colors & material.

With patented manufacturing technology the PanelStone products allow customers to create atmospheres that combine elegance, quality & design.

Available in two kinds:
  1. PR - Polyurethane and stone panel.
  2. Panels composed of a layer of approximately 4mm of crushed marble stone and a layer of high density injected polyurethane.
  3. HD - High Definition panel
  4. It is made out of more than 16 types of mineral and chemical charges(i.e. stone, marble, silica, silicates, etc.) This composition makes the panel suitable to exteriors, resistant to fire and all kinds of weather. Also, it has great resistance to abrasion and chemicals.

Applications :-
PanelStone claddings come in large size panels of approx. 1 square meter and installed with a screwing method onto the walls. Its low weight and large size makes the installation very quick and easy.

These products are suitable for all kinds of projects - residential, commercial, public buildings, etc. etc.
  1. Fire retardant
  2. Water repellent
  3. Excellent insulator for heat, freeze
  4. Zero water absorption

The Fiber CementInternal as well as External applications with the same ease and durability. These claddings are available in mainly four categories:
  1. Classic
  2. Bricks
  3. Lifestyle
  4. Natural