Soundproof Windows

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Soundproof Windows

If "Noise" is the main reason you are looking to purchase windows, Casement products by windows is the best possible solution. Within, casement range of products, tilt and turn is what we would recommend for the best results. Following reasons:
  1. All around multiple locking points with fully covered gaskets making it complete air tight.
  2. Laminated Glass combined with VEKA multichambered profiles for highest noise insulation
  3. German Hardware for best and longer performance
  4. Combination of Tilt & Turn shutters with fixed glass is most beneficial.

Sliding windows or doors with laminated glass will not give the same result, even though the reduction would be much higher compared to any other competitor products

Glass Selection For Soundproof Windows :


Single Glass
Sound is primarily reflected

Slide1 DGU Glass
Sound reflections within the IGU create reverberations reducing the sound insulation effect of using 2 Panes. For IGUs to be effective air-gap should be 50mm,or filled with an acoustic dampening gas like SF6 Noise

Laminated Glass
Sound is first reflected. Majority of transmitted sound through first glass pane is then absorbed by the special interlayers and then dissipated in form of heat.

Take The Step

  1. Trend towards acceptance of uPVC Material
  2. Imagine a home where the silence inside is louder than the noise outside.
  3. Where the pollution outside is separated from the clean inside
  4. Where the temperature difference between the outside and inside doesn't pick your pocket
  5. A home that is aesthetically pleasing
  6. Ever thought how, a quieter,cleaner and visually pleasing home can

Expected sound reduction with different glass type

5mm ordinary Glass Insulated Glass Unit(4T-12-4T) Laminated Glass(6T-1.52pvb-6T)
Outside noise(dB) 80dB 80dB 80dB
Sound Transmission Loss(STL) 27.5dB 29.0dB 36.7dB
% Reduction Reference 22% 62%

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