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Special Applications

  1. Lower thresholds:
    tiwindows offers lower threshold for Sliding and casement doors. Lower thresholds with lesser height compared to door profiles could be flushed to higher floor level when there is a floor level.

  2. Georgian bars:
    Georgian bars are uPVC sections similar to the windows or doors profile shade, could be fixed on the glass. These sections could be attached in any patterns to attain different aesthetics.

  3. Roll on fly mesh:
    Roll on fly mesh is the best suitable option for openable windows and vertical sliding window. Roll on fly mesh system comes with powder coated color coordinated aluminum tracks on two ends supporting the fly mesh movement inside tracks.

  4. Cill profile:
    uPVC windows cill profile is a quality value addition to ensure 100% water proof system at lower part of any window. Cill profiles come two dimensions one in 45 mm width and the other is 75 mm wide.

Special solution by tiwindows for cleaning upvc windows tiShine

Special Applications

Glass Options:
tiwindows offer the following glass options with different types
of windows and doors. Different Types of Glasses

Glass Type Image Purpose Example
Single float Single 6mm - 20mm clear float
Single Tempered More strengthen than single float 6 mm - 20 mm clear tempered 
Double glazing Enhanced acoustic and thermal insulation 5mm tempered - 10 air gap - 5mm tempered,6mm tempered - 12 air gap - 6mm tempered
Laminated Enhanced acoustic and thermal insulation with high security. 5 mm HS - 1.52PVB - 6mm HS, 6 mm HS - 1.52PVB - 6mm HS, 8 mm HS - 1.52PVB - 8mm HS