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Natural Light:
The positive effects of Natural Light on our lives are indisputable. Natural Light is the most essential part of our very existence. Obviously, the application of Natural Light in architecture should get utmost attention while planning and designing. Building with optimum Natural Light ensures a better, healthier and inspiring working as well as living environment.

Range of Solutions

Wide range of Natural Light Solutions
TISYA is the solution for all your Natural Light application requirements. Continuous research and innovation places TISYA among the top few ones in India providing Natural Light Solutions to the Construction Industry. We have quite a wide range of Skylights which can fulfill almost any of your natural light needs.

Turn Key Solutions:
We do Skylights on a Turn Key basis right from Design, Manufacturing, Installation and After Sales Service. This automatically ensures high quality end to end solution for all your Skylight requirements. Involvement of TISYA right from the early stage of the project development is the key to success. In-house design department at TISYA has CAD and other modeling facilities to take care of all your design requirements. Even the most complicated designs can be undertaken by our professional team. We have a team of in-house designers qualified in concept designs and are capable of taking on most complicated skylights of large scale as well.