40 Yrs.

Windows and doors designed for more than 40 years of life span. Only company in India to offer 10 years warranty on all window parts including hardware.


With glazing capacities of up to 32mm and built-in insulation chambers, tiWINDOWS windows and doors deliver up to 35% better energy performance than typical residential windows.

35 to 40 db

Cut down 35 to 40 db sound with tiWINDOW's sound reducing windows and doors. More air tight configuration provides dust free and peaceful inside environment.

uPVC and Aluminium Systems

C Series

  • Sliding Window
  • Fix Frame Window
  • Casement Window

E Series

  • Tilt & Turn window
  • Bottom Hung Window
  • Crank Operated Window

E+ Series

  • Lift and Slide Door
  • Slide and Fold Door
  • Tilt and Slide Door

S Series

  • Arch Window
  • Pivot Window
  • Ultra Slim Door

C Series

Horizontal Sliding UPVC Window: Horizontal Sliding UPVC window and door are the most In-demand UPVC windows and in India. Sliding window come with imported hardware fully compliant with international regulations for long lasting smooth Performance.

  • 2 Track 2 Shutter UPVC Window
  • 3 Track 3 Shutter UPVC Window
  • Optional Mosquito Mesh

E Series

E Series provides multiple options like low threshold, Georgian bars, Sill Profiles, unlimited colours & laminates options, Energy efficient glass options, as Value added options.

  • Tilt and Turn Casement Window
  • Bottom Hund window
  • Crank Operated Casement Window
  • Optional Mosquito Mesh

German hardware with multipoint locking system, with or without keys. We offer various coloured hardware to match with laminated and coloured profile and interiors.

E+ Series

E+ series offers customers top-of-the-line modules in terms of quality and superior user experience. These products add personality to elegant space sand are well-suited to creative openings.

  • Slide and Fold Doors - from 3 to 8 Shutters
  • Lift and Slide Door - 2 Shutters and 4 Shutters
  • Tilt and Slide Door - 2 Shutters and 4 Shutters

S Series

Special Systems

Window with curved shutters, Extra-large doors with ultra slim profiles

Special Applications

Uniqueness creates Personality so let it be special Soundproof Windows, Airtight Windows, Large Panel Doors, Wooden Finish Windows, or Ultra slim frame Door we are ready for your requirement.

Low Thresholds

Low threshold for sliding and casement doors. Low thresholds with lesser height compared to door profile could be flushed to higher floor level when there is a floor level.

Georgian bars

Georgian bars are UPVC sections similar to the windows or doors profile Shade, could be fixed on the glass. These sections could be attached in any Patterns to attain different a aesthetics.

Retractable Mesh

Retractable mesh is the best Suitable option for openable window. This mesh comes with powder coated aluminium tracks on two ends Supporting the fly mesh movement Inside tracks.

Cill Profile

Cill profile is a quality value addition to ensure 100% water proof System at Lower part of any window. Cill Profiles come two dimensions one in 45 mm width and the Other is 75 mm wide.