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Why tiWindows?

  1. Profiles are of brand Veka [made in Germany], Veka started in 1969 and present in 45 countries.
  2. Only 'B' Class Profile in India offering 2.5mm wall thickness.
  3. Wide profile range to offer you maximum design possibilities.[Vertical Sliding, tilt and slide, tilt and turn…etc.]
  4. Veka uses recommended percentage of Titanium Dioxide to protect profile from weather.
  5. Best multi-chamber design to provide more insulation against heat and sound.
  6. Best Lamination technology with 10 years warranty.
  7. Base profile for lamination is in same color.
  8. 4 sided wool pile for all systems-better insulation.
  9. Unique solutions:
  10. - Low thresholds
    - Sil profiles
    - Georgian Bars
    - Off-center handles
    - Upvc louvers

  1. German Hardware
  2. 10 years warranty on hardware
  3. German Gaskets
  4. German Silicon with 'A' Grade- Non hazardous.

  1. Among very few suppliers to provide 4 sided reinforcement
  2. More thickness for high security: 2-2.5mm
  3. Galvanized iron reinforcement.
  4. Continuous reinforcement with handle routing.[No gap for handle in reinforcement]

  1. Veka Approved installation team.
  2. Stainless steel screws
  3. Separate site supervisor for inspections.

Customer Support:
  1. Toll free number of service requests.
  2. Warranty with certificate.
  3. Finished product with Bar code -easy to track in our system and provide support in minimum time.

Finished Product:
  1. Upgraded process with labels and Bar code identification
  2. Site supervision and handover.
  3. Research team for customized solutions.

Tisya [Parent company] benefits:
  1. Founded in 2005
  2. Complimentary product range- Blinds, Claddings, Skylights…
  3. Exclusive Products and suppliers